This page provides information on road closures and diversions that are affecting Guernsey’s buses.

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La Vrangue Hill (21-24 May) 6.30pm until midnight only

Affects Bus Routes: 31, 32, 51, 52.

Summary: In the evening traffic can come down Mount Arrive but not go up. Access to Le Bouet is via Pitronnerie Road.


Diversion outbound:

32: Pitronnerie Road - Back on Route.

51: Le Bouet - Rouge Rue - Mont Arrive - Back on Route.


31: Pitronnerie Road - Back on Route.

32: Rue Thomas - Pitronnerie Road - Le Bouet - Rouge Rue - Back on Route.

52: Rue Thomas - Pironnierie Road - Back on Route.

Portinfer Road (20 - 24 May)

Portinfer Road (20 - 24 May)

Affect Bus Routes: 91, 92.

Diversion route: Outbound:
Route de La Passee – Les Rouvets – Route de La Charruee – Grandes Rocques Road – Back on route

Inbound: Grandes Rocques Road – Route de La Charruee – Les Rouvets – Route de La Passee – Back on route.

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