This page provides information on road closures and diversions that are affecting Guernsey’s buses.

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La Ville Baudu (22 - 24 Jan)

Affects Bus Route: 13.
Diversion route: Inbound:
La Route Militare – La Route du Braye – Sohier Road – Back on route.
Outbound: None.

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2020 Timetable for viewing or downloading

Timetable 2020 begins Monday 6 January

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Brock Road - emergency one-way (8 - 31 Jan)

Affects Bus Routes 31 and 32
Summary: Scaffold on Brock Road (near the Elm Grove/Les Buttes traffic lights) will block the bus stop for R31. The bus will not be able to pick up in this area.
R32 will divert round the back of the fire station to get Back on Route at Doyle Road.

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Route du Coudre (20 - 22 Jan)

Affects Bus Route: 61.
Summary: With this road closed R61 will not be able to access Longfrie or Houguette school areas.
Diversion route: Inbound:
Route de Rocquaine – Route du Port – Route de La Rocque Poisson – Route des Adams – Back on route.
Outbound: None.

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Le Bouet (15 - 20 Jan)

Affects Bus Route: 31.
Diversion route: Inbound: Les Banques – Back on route.
Outbound: None.

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Route de Carteret (7 Jan - 15 Feb)

Route de Carteret (7 Jan - 15 Feb)

Affects Bus Route: 42

Summary: The road by the pedestian bridge is closed. Buses will divert past the school and Rue Gallad - Hougue du Pommier to get Back on Route.

Diversion: Outbound: None

Inbound: Route de la Mare de Carteret - Rue de Galaad - Route de la Hougue du Pommier - Back on Route

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